Wednesday 17 October 2018

How To Save The Battery Life Of Your Samsung Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket

For anyone who is reading this article, then you must own a Samsung Galaxy Nasiums 2 Skyrocket and you’re less than thrilled with the lifetime of your battery.

This powerful little smartphone is capable of performing so many tasks, that we forget that it’s not connected to a wall socket like our PC’s and netbooks, so we’re shocked how fast the battery life is definitely sucked right out of it.

Short of purchasing an extra battery, or maybe a power bank extension kit, there are a couple of configurations you could implement that will significantly extend the life of your battery.

Note: If you are a gamer, or watch movies and videos on your phone on a regular basis, these configurations will still help, but these exercises are massive battery killers.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to spend less the life of your Samsung Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket power supply:

Utilize your WI-FI feature. – If you are in a position that is WI-FI enabled, make sure your phone is turned on to help WI-FI. When your phone is using WI-FI, it isn’t using your records plan, so it’s not draining as much battery life. If you have a radio router in your home or office, link your phone about it and watch how much longer your battery life lasts.

In close proximity open apps. – This phone is designed to close out apps on the fly. Unlike the ever-so-popular ‘iPhone’, the Samsung 30t 21700  Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket can shut down all open applications at once, using the Application Monitor widget. If you don’t already have that on one of your home screens, you can easily add this widget by means of accessing the menu key, selecting ‘add’ and then ‘widgets and then scroll through, finally selecting the Application Monitor widget.

Turn off GPS. – It’s amazing how pin-point distinct the GPS application is, but keeping this software package open drains your battery like nobody’s business. Solely use the GPS when the GPS is actually needed. There’s no ought to keep this app running when your phone is sitting with your coffee table.

Download the Battery Widget. – That widget won’t help save battery life, but it will keep you advised of your battery life level. The Android battery indicator does not include the percentage of battery remaining. This app shows your batter charge level on screen and you can touch the icon to open up the battery dashboard to see a breakdown associated with battery usage phone-wide. You can add this widget to any considered one of your home screens by opening up your menu, select ‘add’ – ‘widgets’ and then scroll across until you get to the actual battery widget. Then, you simply drop it on to the screen you want it to appear on.

Adjust your screen controls. – If you open up ‘settings’ and select ‘Power Saving Mode’, you can adjust your screen time-out setting and your display screen brightness setting. These two settings are important to your phone power, because both of these settings are used each and every time you’re using your cell phone. If you don’t need your phone’s brightness to blast available your eyes, then keep the brightness setting as low as possible. In addition to there’s no need for your phone’s screen to stay open extended than 15-30 seconds after you lay your phone decrease, so keeping it open for longer than a tiny is surely to reduce the battery life.

Monitor Battery Usage. instructions Knowing what is using up your batter is just as important as figuring out what to do to save your battery’s life. If you open up your own ‘settings’, scroll down and select ‘About phone’, here you’ll see what operations and applications are using up most of the electric juice. If you decide to download the Battery widget, you’ll be able to easy access this area by simply selecting the battery icon and picking out ‘Battery’ from the selection menu.