Monday 24 September 2018

How to Sell Your House by Owner and Save a Ton of Money

If you can discover how to sell my home by owner, you can save a lot of cash! These days it’s a buyers market, and your house value is so low you can hardly manage to pay a Realtor a 7 percent commission and still come out with any equity. However, there are a few tricks and tips you’ll want to know to assist you sell your home by owner. This article will cover some of the ways that you can sell your property yourself and do it fast.

First you need to determine a reasonable market value for your home. Find homes like yours in square footage, style, and amenities. These should be homes that are either currently listed or have recently been marketed. A good online source to test comparables is Just type in your address and the program will show you homes for sale and homes sold in your area. You could even drive or walk around your neighborhood and note any houses currently for sale. Look for some as similar to your house as you can. Remember the asking price is going to be approximately 5-10% higher than the amount you can expect to really sell it for.

Next you need to spruce up your home a little. Do those little repairs you have been putting off; freshen up the paint, especially exterior paint on the front part of the home; add a few shutters to front windows; maintain the lawn trimmed; add a few new plants at the front of your home; clean up the area by moving unnecessary crap from the lawn. On the interior do a small staging. Don’t go out and purchase all new furniture, simply remove extra furniture, knickknacks, toys, and any unnecessary mess. .

Selling your home isn’t rocket science. You just need a little education on how the procedure works, some basic measures, and a couple of tools. You will sell your home before you know it and pocket tens of thousands of dollars!