Wednesday 17 October 2018

Stop Fooling Around – Start Rehearsing

Hey I know you’re busy. And I know that practice isn’t necessarily enjoyable. But if you are serious about your sound and your stage appeal, then you should be practicing up to doing. Well really you should be practicing everywhere you aren’t performing. But over the years of running my own show I discovered that the dynamics of rehearsal were often a direct reflection of my attitude. This is how I corrected the issue.

First I set special times to practice weekly. Each Monday was the day the musicians got their program. Everything hinged around the booking program, however, rehearsal was part of the schedule. I discovered that when I simply looked at the point times and neglected the off times the musicians would get lazy. And why not? They have paid no matter what unless I fired them and I didn’t have the tough buttocks standing. But my title was outside and I chose to run this bus like a business. So rehearsals were paid time. What? That is precisely what I said. Each contract I signed had rehearsal time reserved in. Since the musicians were paid a salary regardless of if we played or not. Being on salary they were required to rehearse. No excuses.

Next I had to co-ordinate the rehearsal rooms Toronto time that no time was wasted. When there was a clear problem we would deal with that . But most important I never wasted any time. I would have a construction of this rehearsal listed and each musician would get the list on Monday. They would understand that Wednesday at two in the afternoon we would be operating on the bass part and back up vocals on one song. I would have twenty minutes committed to that. Then we would proceed to the next thing on the listing. Time allocated recorded, song part listed, etc.

Obtaining Enough time on the street is hard. You truly don’t have somewhere to rehearse except in the bar during the day time. And that’s exactly where you practice the most. But, I discovered that we can rent halls in the bigger resorts and use a minimum setup. I needed to find creative because some of those people in charge of the halls need a good deal of money just to make their month look good. But if you’re not utilizing the space anyhow what can we exchange for a few hours?

The main point is that you have to begin treating your music just like a business. If you aren’t making the sort of cash you would like to make, then look around and ask yourself if you are working as hard as you can. Or are you just sliding by. Especially in the rehearsal arena.