Monday 24 September 2018

TOP 5 Gadgets for Hiking You May Need in Portugal!


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Portugal is unique combination of history, rich nature, sandy beaches and high mountains above the sea level. This is a country of contradictions and a real place to have a real journey. It’s up to you! Let’s talk about the most popular touristic destination in Portugal – Algarve. There is a sun, sea, wonderful nature and adventures. Algarve can boast with different landscapes to go through, traveling solo or in a group. Lagoons and forests are waiting for you! You may simply use Centauro car hire in Faroto get from there whenever you want. Why? It’s time to go hiking!

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Why Hiking?

There is no better adventure than hiking in Algarve region. It is very convenient! You may choose a trail for different destination to the North or South and different duration. It can take you from 2 till 4 hours, on your choice. You should leave your car in the camp as the most of the offered tours are circle. Here are three trails, the most popular of others.

  1. Ponta da Piedade
  • South Coast of Algarve
  • Distance: 6km for about 2h
  • Recommended for: sea views

This Portuguese hiking route offers to see the rocky grottoes, natural caves, and picturesque sea views and arcs made of nature. Your trail takes you through the picturesque beaches such as Praia dos Estudantes, Pinhao, and Dona Ana. Sometimes, they are busy and noisy, but always ready to welcome visitors. Pay attention to the view around!

  1. Castelejo Environmental Hiking Trail
  • Algarve, Vicente Coast
  • Distance: 4km for half of an hour
  • Recommended for: learn plants and animals

This easy trail is recommended for everyone who wants to learn local plants and animals. The trail takes you through the Vicentine Coast Park. The season changes are bright and you may see different sorts of plants and animals on your way, including Iberian parsley frog, native to this land.

  1. Don Quixote Trail
  • Algarve, Serra
  • Distance: 18km for 5 h
  • Recommended for: nature views

This is the most interesting touristic trail for all nature lovers. It includes visiting flower gardens and wineries, oak forests and palm plantations. You will be amazed with the Blue Dragon River. The water is really blue! Don’t forget to pack your camera!

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Best Electronic Gadgets for Hiking


This gadget is good for hiking and not only. You can use a map from everywhere! This is a unique map gadget which is made according to the latest technology. So, you can see rocks, hills, plains, streets and buildings with names, numbers, explanations and exact location. The map is interactive. It means you can learn everything about the place you are at the moment and share your location with friends. What is more, you may use in-built compass, camera, even barometer to predict weather.


So, it sounds interesting and promising. Survival Kit contains up to 11 special tools, including thermal blankets, torch, multi-function scraper, compass and other helpful tools. There are so many tools! Of course, you may no need to use them all together. So, you can take with you just few of them, depending on where you go.

Ponta da Piedade


This gadget is good to charge your iPhone, iPador whatever you have several times. Don’t even worry about being out of power! The device offers 100% safe charging. There is a unique stop function that stops charging when your device is full charged. You may use your charger for 2 years on warranty.


Of course, you may have compass on your phone or GPS map. But there is no need to buy GPS map device. Pay attention to this one! This is a device you can fully trust to, especially when you need to understand where you are. Compass is able to help you at any weather and in any conditions.

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You can find really marvelous views on your way. It is better to have Go Pro to take the moment. This is a unique chance to see the action so close. It’s not a problem to share your photos, videos. The camera is traditionally attached to your helmet. So, the view is just awesome. If you take the newest camera model, it should be definitely waterproof and boast such options as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS. The quality is much better than shooting from your smartphone.

It is important to enjoy your trip. Of course, you start from picking the best place for hiking. The next step is taking right things with you. Even if you have a professional guide, it would be great to have also a compass or GPS map, or even an emergency kit to feel in safe. Modern technology is moving at a high speed. You cannot even imagine what a big number of cooldevices with pretty cool options you may take with you for hiking. So, check your route and take something with you.