Wednesday 17 October 2018

What You Need to Know About Vintage Postcards

A very important factor to ask yourself is which postcards are valuable? You can find books that set a standard price range which can be a good standard, but when it comes right down to it the book is only very good as a general guideline. The value is in the collector’s mind and exactly he will pay for it. It all depends on the collector as to what he or she collects and is looking for. One might collect Michigan postcards; another might collect bridges; another might collect his or her home town; another might collect birds; another might acquire Black Americana, etc .

So if you have a geographic specific publish card it would be a good idea to try and sell them at a local market in the area of where the postcard is based. Also if you have an old postcard from a business you could try contacting the business where it holds now and see if they would be interested.

One thing to know that will assist you determine the value of a postcard though is the availability of each and every card. The fewer there are the more valuable they will be. One good idea is to monitor the value of a by monitoring the area trends. Google has a website that displays the developments of whatever you type into it. Just Google ‘google trends’ to find this site. This site will show you the latest news and pack in the latest trend by geographical location.

At the time of this writing Google Trends viewed news about postcards containing Cold War spy information being unearthed. You can be sure that if you come across these postcards that the value of them has raised due to the local advertising of the news.

You can find vintage postcards for resale by looking to rummage sales, auctions, estate sales, Sunsetsofyore, flea market segments, and the internet. Similarly, you can also sell the postcards properly locations; it is just a matter of spotting the bargain postcards for reselling.

So how can you tell if you find a good bargain?

One thing to check out for is reproductions. Since reproductions are not well worth as much as the originals it is important to be able to spot the difference and here is how you do it.

An obvious one is to look for a stamps. Is it a 1 cent or 2 cent stamp? And then more than likely it is genuine.

Check the postmark of the postcards, if that has an old date chances are it’s an original. There are only a few reproductions out there that are that old. You can also tell by the document of the postcard. Originals mostly have a slight yellowing in the paper; and most old postcards have light soil signifies on them and they have a musty odor on them from with regards to storage for so long. Reproductions usually look too fresh, are printed on an off white color, and don’t look like they’ve been handled too much. A lot of the old postcards have on the backside of them the name of the publisher; where they were printed; and some have got series numbers as well. Of course , they could have been copied also but this gives you something extra to look for. After handling a lot of postcards you can almost tell right away if it’s a new reproduction or not.

Another good idea is if you spot your postcard that you wonder is valuable or not you could seem it up on your phone if it has internet access on these kinds of sites such as Sunsetsofyore to see the current going rate.