Wednesday 17 October 2018

7 Hacks to Save Money on Car Rental Services

As we edge closer to the vacation season, searching for new ways to hacks that will save you money on your car rental service might become tougher. often very useful and time-saving, but if not careful, car rental in Kuala Lumpur could end up digging a hole in your pocket long term. Here are a couple of hacks that you can use to save you some money.

1. Coupons

Before you set out looking for the best car rental Kuala Lumpur, take out time to look for the best deals online. You may be afforded discounts for being a frequent user on one of the popular rental companies as well as combining coupon codes to increase your savings when paying for a rental service. Irrespective of where you initiate the transaction, make sure you use any coupon codes that you might have to increase your savings.

2. Deal aggregator

Car rental deal aggregator sites like Wahdah and afford you the opportunity to find vetted companies offering great deals to consumers using a variety of metrics that are convenient for you.

3. Ignore the Airport

If you’re looking at saving money with rentals, put a distance between yourself and the rentals at the airport. Consider renting with an off-site agency like Wahdah or through your hotel in order to avoid the airport concession fees that airport rentals will be forced to pay.

4. Prepaid Car Rental

The only two reasons why you should ignore prepaid car rentals even though they are cheaper than the usual. The reason is that of upfront payment required and the plans are often inflexible. When you book postpaid reservations, you can request a full refund by default which makes it great for saving money in periods when you have a change of heart. Even if the prepaid rates are cheaper, you should still stay away from them if you plan on saving money.

5. Peak Times

When it comes to booking air flights for a flight that won’t take off until 4 months, we consider it as normal to book in advance. But, we don’t consider it normal to book ahead with car rentals. The two markets might have differences but both have lots of similarities. If you’re traveling to a tourist location, avoid going there on weekends when it will be rowdy and rates will be. This same idea reverses for car rentals. If your destination is a business location, you might see higher rates on weekdays.

6. Consider pooling

If you plan on traveling within the city, you could also consider car sharing. Car sharing allows you to rent a car within a short period of time and then return it.

7. Fill the tank

When it comes to filling the tank of your car – you can’t afford to procrastinate. Procrastination allows you to forget to do the most important things that you need to do by pushing them back. Forgetting to fuel a car after use is dangerous and the refueling fees are often set.