Monday 24 September 2018

Parakeets – Caring friend with cuddling nature

Parakeets are wild bird by birth but they can also become best pet. This feathered friend always gives another little world for their beloved one. Their entertaining nature always helps to keep people stress free. When they are handled in right hand with more care they can be carried along for long life span. Since every bird are sensitive, small ignorance can impact large in them. Parakeets have to be taken care with some fun time.


Reasons to own a parakeet

  • Ability to interact with human

This lovely bird can make the best interactive session with its human friend by the talking ability. They can learn to talk in short period of time with repetition of words. Some may learn to talk and some may not! It depends on its human friend. Even though it does not talk, its interaction with human always keeps increasing. They can even get angry because of not spending quality time with them. Starting interaction with them makes you to forget the world and they create you a new little world with more fun and love.

  • Best whistler

Whistling always makes one to minimize stress and when you make it with your feathered friend they can repeat it by learning. By training, they can learn and whistle back to you.

  • Social pet

These birds when trained with human, they do not like to be with other birds due to its possessive nature about their human friend. They are social in nature like dogs and cats. They just need cuddling and time from its human friend for their life. Parakeets when get trained with human they do not like to be in their cage. They keep asking for walk with its friend.

Tips to care

  • They always need a company. Spend your time with them.
  • They expect different food diets. Same food diet makes them to dislike eating.
  • They love to chew. Keep providing different wooden toys.
  • Trust is expected to be friendly. If they do not trust a person, they start to bite.
  • Never disturb them when they do not want to interact.

Staying with them make life wonderful. They can understand the human activity and their mind. They keep asking for time with more lovely activities.