The Cost of Apostille Affixing Services Is 3000 Rubles!

We Have the Lowest Prices for Document Translation and Apostille Prices!

A Courier Service Works for Orders From 30 Pages!


Translation of texts on economic, legal and other topics from French into Russian for 300 rubles. per initial page 1800 prints   characters           and from Russian into French 300 rubles. The promotion is valid from January 11 to the end of MARCH 2016.

Throughout March 2016, the cost of translating legal, economic and other texts from English and German into Russian will amount to 250 rubles.per translation page and 280 rubles.for translation of texts from Russian into German and English.

Services for the translation of documents from Ukrainian, Uzbek, Kazakh, Tajik languages ​​at a price of 250 rubles per document.  Such documents include: identity and citizenship documents, a foreign passport, a pension certificate, a birth certificate, a secondary education certificate, a diploma, a document confirming the passing of an exam for proficiency in the Russian language, a certificate of a legitimate source of livelihood. Translations of these documents may be required to obtain refugee status, residence permit or citizenship of the Russian Federation, as well as for employment.

Exclusive service!  We carry out affixing of an apostille on the originals of personal documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) issued in the Kyrgyz (Kyrgyz) Republic and on the territory of the state of Ukraine.

Translation agency in St. Petersburg

As the name of the International Dialogue Support Bureau suggests, the main task of our company is to support the International Dialogue in all its aspects – from the notarized translation of personal documents for citizens of the post-Soviet states to the implementation of oral (simultaneous or consecutive) translation at international negotiations at various levels (conferences, seminars, presentations, lectures, trainings, master classes, etc.), conducting telephone conversations, as well as organizing transfers and excursion services both in Russian and foreign languages ​​with the provision of vouchers in museums and theater tickets.

In the field of translation, we work with legal, technical, medical, newspaper and journalistic texts, scientific literature, contract and tender documents, personal documents, as well as literary texts and poetry. We translate from 75 foreign languages.

Key success factors of the IDS Translation Bureau: an individual approach to each client based on the specifics of the order, high quality of translation, a reasonable combination of cost and deadlines. A professional team of qualified managers, translators, editors and graphic designers will fulfill the order, taking into account all the client’s requirements and provide guidance at every stage of the order. Constant development and expansion of the range of services in line with the needs of our clients allows our company to occupy a leading position in the translation market of St. Petersburg.

We invite you to learn more about us by “walking” through the sections of the site. We tried to make it as informative as possible!

Translation of personal documents and apostille affixing

  • Professional translators translate personal documents (passport; diploma; certificate; extracts; driver’s license; work record book; birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate; police clearance certificates, salary certificates, medical certificates, marital status, change of surname, disability, from the place of study, on income, academic transcripts, archival, on reorganization, on taxes) for registration, citizenship, obtaining a work visa, for applying for a bride visa, etc.; 
  • We will become your assistants in the implementation of notarization of translations and production of notarized copies of documents; 
  • Our employees will advise on the possibility and necessity of legalizing documents or translations, as well as assist in affixing an apostille to originals of documents or to notarized copies;
  • If you are abroad or in another city, then you can send us your documents by any postal service, and after the translation or apostillization we will send the ready documents back to you.

We will achieve your goal with our means

 The interpretation department   will provide specialist translators to accompany business negotiations, tender events, to conduct telephone conversations with your foreign partners, an interpreter for court sessions;

Written Translation Department:

* will perform transcription-translation from foreign into Russian or from Russian into foreign literary texts, poetic works. Not every translation agency can carry out such a translation, since in addition to knowledge of the language, the translator is required to have an artistic taste, a poetic gift or the so-called ability to “write”. Many of the now famous Russian writers and poets were translators, for example: Boris Leonidovich Pasternak, Lev Nikolayevich Gumelev (translator from Farsi), Sergei Vladimirovich Mikhalkov (translator from English) and others.

* translate scientific literature, diploma and term papers, dissertations, technical specifications, procedural materials and much more.

– In our translation arsenal you will find even such rare languages, in terms of prevalence on the territory of the world and in the frequency of requests for translation, but very popular in the market, such as: Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Catalan, Tibetan, Macedonian, Slovenian, Dutch / Flemish, Greek, Serbian, etc .;

– Quite often they turn to our Translation Bureau in order to order a translator for production to set up equipment or train personnel to work with foreign equipment;

– We offer subscription services to organizations;

– We provide secretarial services;

– We offer to use the office for one day in St. Petersburg with the provision of a personal secretary with knowledge of English and German or English and French;

– If you have already used the services of the “ID Es” translation agency, then within three months you can receive your translation again;

– If you are sure that you will need a translation made by our agency in the future, we can record an electronic version of the translation on our or your medium (CD, flash card) or send you the translation by e-mail.

"Weighty" offers from our translation agency

– translation of technical documentation ;

– Turnkey operating manuals!

In addition to translating your manual from / into a foreign language, you will receive a printed or electronic version that is absolutely identical to the original provided by you.

At your request, our design studio will  carry out the graphic design of the objects to be typeset and will directly prepare the document for printing. This service is necessary when translating a book, document with illustrations or operating instructions containing various schemes, etc. Our layout designers work with most graphic editors (for example: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Flash, Corel Draw, AutoCad)

For those who are on the Path ...

IDS Translation Agency offers the most popular excursion routes accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide and a guide-translator, from walking tours in the city / suburbs and car / bus tours to the most significant sights of the city, to traveling along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg on private steamers. Services of a guide-translator and guide.