Additional services: text layout

Turnkey instruction manual!
In addition to translating your document from / into a foreign language,
you will receive a printed or electronic version of the document absolutely identical to the original provided by you .

At your request, our design studio will carry out the graphic design of the objects to be typeset and prepare the document for printing. This service is necessary when translating books, documents with illustrations or operating instructions. In general, for any documents with illustrations, diagrams or graphs.

Our translation agency works with most graphic editors – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Flash, Corel Draw, AutoCad and other packages for layout, technical graphics and image processing.

The cost of the layout is  from 100-150 rubles per page of the document.

You can see examples of layout of translated documents:

Translation with layout in the field of metallurgy   Original (Russian)           Translation (English)
Electrical diagram   Original (Italian)           Translation (Russian)

for more convenience in working with translated documents, we can offer you a brochure of materials.