Apostille placement

The cost of the service of affixing an apostille on the originals of documents issued by the registry office and on notarized copies of documents is the cheapest in St. Petersburg and amounts to:

                                                                3000 rubles: RUB 500 + 2500 rubles (state duty) .

                                                                                               Apostille in 3 working days

(for notarized copies of documents; for originals and notarized copies issued in the Leningrad Region).

 (Apostille in 3-7 working days (documents issued by the registry office of St. Petersburg)

Services for affixing an apostille on originals of educational documents (diplomas, certificates, academic certificates, extracts with grades) issued in the territory of the Russian Federation is 5,000 rubles. for the entire document (NR: the spine of the diploma with the attachment or the spine of the certificate with the attachment, etc.), the above cost also includes the state. duty. Please note that the apostille stamp is put one on the entire document, the parts of the document will be fastened together (NR: the spine of the diploma is fastened with the attachment, the spine of the certificate with the attachment, etc.)

Exclusive service!  We carry out affixing of an apostille on the originals of personal documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) issued in the Kyrgyz (Kyrgyz) Republic and on the territory of the state of Ukraine.

Apostille is a simplified procedure for the legalization (execution) of documents prepared for submission in the countries of the Hague Convention.

Apostille is a special stamp that, in accordance with the Hague Convention on the Abolition of Requirements for the Legalization of Foreign Official Documents, is affixed on official documents emanating only from institutions and organizations of the Russian Federation as a party to the Hague Convention, and does not require further certification or legalization, is recognized by the official bodies of all states – Parties to the Convention. 

List of countries party to the Hague Convention

IDS offers the following services for the legalization of documents in St. Petersburg in accordance with international standards:

  • Apostille on notarized copies of certificates (of birth, marriage and divorce, death), certificates, diplomas and annexes to diplomas, academic certificate, passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, international passport  , pension certificate, work book, military ID; Apostille on notarized copies of legal documents (charter, power of attorney, memorandum of association, decision, etc.)
  • Apostille on originals of documents (application, permission to take out the child, power of attorney) previously certified by a notary.
  • Apostille on the originals of documents issued by the registry office of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region: birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, death certificates.
  • Apostille on the originals of educational documents : certificates, diplomas and annexes to them, academic certificates, etc. Apostille is issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

IDS is the only translation agency in St. Petersburg that provides services for apostille documents on unique terms. Unlike other organizations, we carry out urgent affixing of the Apostille in just three days.

The urgency of affixing the apostille is achieved through cooperation with professional notaries

The IDE Translation Agency also provides Apostille affixing services for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

By contacting us, you can get detailed advice on the requirements for documents subject to apostilization, save your time and legalize your documents to work with them abroad as soon as possible.

An example of apostilles translated by the IDS Translation Bureau:

You are also given the opportunity to download examples of translation of apostilles in PDF format: English

When submitting documents to us for notarization or apostille , pay attention to the correctness of the content and execution of documents. The customer is responsible for the correct execution of the original documents .