Oral translations

Every day we are faced with interpreting of varying degrees of complexity in the field of mechanical engineering, machine tool building, instrument making and shipbuilding, electric power industry, electrical engineering, nuclear energy, telecommunications, navigation and communications, gas, oil and oil refining industries, technical chemistry, instrument making, construction, IT industry, aviation and space technology, software and hardware, information display systems, electronic document management systems, etc.

We draw your attention to the fact that each consecutive interpreter specializes strictly in its own subject.


At the request of the Customer, “round tables” are organized – preliminary meetings with a group of translators declared by our Agency for each specific order. After talking with them, the Customer can opt for a particular specialist.

Telephone conversations with the participation of an interpreter is a necessity today! You have found a partner abroad and would like to contact him to discuss possible cooperation. It’s good if the language of communication becomes Russian, but if you need to conduct telephone conversations in an unfamiliar language: English, German, French, not to mention such as Arabic, Chinese or Serbian? In this case, you can come to our office and use the services of one of our translators who speak the language you require and receive all the information you need by phone. By prior agreement, it is also possible for our translator to visit your office.

Consecutive interpretation:

Consecutive interpretation is carried out in cases where a small number of people participate in the event or during meetings associated with frequent movements in enterprises, offices, etc. During the pauses, the speaker gives the translator the opportunity to translate. Such translation, in contrast to the simultaneous one, is associated with an increase in the time spent on negotiations, but is not associated with the cost of additional equipment, which is required when conducting a synchron.

Oral simultaneous translations:

simultaneous translators in more than 35 language areas. Simultaneous translation is one of the most difficult types of translation, since the translator performs the translation simultaneously with the speaker’s speech. The simultaneous perception of oral speech and derivative translation are the main features of simultaneous interpretation. When performing simultaneous interpretation, the presenter does not need to pause so that the interpreter has time to complete the translation, as is the case with consecutive interpretation. When translating in the booth, there are always two simultaneous interpreters, each of whom translates no more than 30 minutes per hour. In order to minimize the loss of information during translation, it is necessary to provide the simultaneous interpreter with preparatory materials in advance, such as the written text of the speakers’ speech.

– provision of specialized equipment for simultaneous interpretation, which includes a booth for interpreters (soundproofed) with a remote control and a headset for interpreters, a set of headphones-receivers for event listeners, microphones, and acoustic systems. The interpreters in the booth are equipped with headphones so that the speaker’s voice does not drown out the interpreter’s voice. Each of the event participants is supplied with an individual IR receiver and earphone, therefore, in order to select the required translation language, it is enough to scroll through the menu of the digital receiver. Modern digital technologies guarantee high quality of sound in the listener’s earphones, absence of noise and interference. Translation Bureau “AiDes” works with two companies, developers of equipment for simultaneous translation: Boch and Braehler.

In addition to simultaneous translation, you may need

-protocol recording of channels (original and translation / s)

– transcript of audio recording, i.e. voice-to-text transmission. The cost of such a service (in Russian) is 25 rubles / min. and foreign languages ​​(English, German, French) is 25-50 rubles / min. and depends on the quality of the recording (whether there is noise, the distance of the microphone during the speaker’s speech, the speed and quality of the speaker’s speech, etc.). Immediately after recording the channel (s) of the original text or translation, we will calculate and report the final cost of such a service.

The work of simultaneous interpreters at the III International Conference “Modern Trends in the Development of International Standardization in the Field of Quality Management

Equipment for simultaneous translation

Departure of specialists abroad with a customer:

by prior agreement with the customer, the choice of an interpreter of a specific language and level (guide-interpreter / consecutive interpreter, simultaneous interpreter) is carried out, a visa is issued to the country of intended departure, the translator’s departure is directly

aTransfer services:

A significant selection of vehicles by brand, class of car and its cost

Interpretation services cost:

Basic rates for  oral consecutive (1 category: guides-translators; 2 category: translator of specialized topics) and simultaneous translations  (in rubles per hour of work):